An Unfinished War

The Sahren Campaign, the second tale of Dungeons and Dogs. The first campaign was recorded in Amari’s Armada. Dungeon mastered by Payton. Start reading from the beginning, if you like.

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash
  • Session 50: The roaring cave

    To enter the Caves of Death and recover the Sword of Karrn the Conqueror, the party and Princess Ginedst ir’Wynarn needed first to pass through the gates, sealed long ago with magic and artifice. Giant stone doors had been fitted over the entrance and hovering glass orbs emitted a compulsion that prevented anyone from getting […]

  • Session 49: The survivors at Loom Keep

    Sailing the Sunfish to the base of the cliffs below the gothic fortress known as Loom Keep, the party spoke to Princess Ginedest and a crew of rebels working to repair the damaged Shadow. The princess was exhausted and angry as she told them that seven people aboard her ship had been lost during their […]

  • Session 48: Center of the dream

    There were two Zilas. One of them had purple eyes – the mark of possession by the Quori – and attacked the party. This was Zila’s nightmare. While Jade and Tadhg defended against the nightmare’s attacks, Katniss was able to give Val the time she needed to pry open the false Zila’s chest armor, revealing their dragonshard […]

  • Session 47: Nightmares

    As they watched a dense forest appear in moonlight around their friends, Mitsy and Val heard a muffled voice coming from within the Sunfish. Inside there was no one, until the flickering body of Basheer appeared. Only present for brief moments, he told the pair that they were trapped the Realm of Dreams. He explained […]

  • Session 46: Escape from Markurrn

    As the island above the hidden rebel base collapsed under Karrnath bombardment, the party made their escape in the small submersible Sunfish. They followed the much larger Shadow out of Markurrn island’s secret harbor into the Scion’s Sea. However, outside the base were three Karrn warships waiting for them. Spotting the shallow submersibles, the warships […]

  • Session 45: Invasion of Markurrn

    Somehow, the Karrnath military had located the hideout of the rebel group known as the Second Spear. Three warships equipped with Cyran Defense Engine artillery surrounded Markurrn island. Princess Ginedst was trying to organize an evacuation using her submersible, the Scion’s Shadow, but the powerful demon known as Chalk had broken into the underground cavern […]

  • Session 44: Finding things

    The next day, Zila, Jade, and Katniss were ferried by Princess Ginedst to the rocky shoals north-west of Korth to meet the delivery of the small submersible ship they had ordered from the Fabricator’s Guild. The Princess dropped them off at the site and asked them to take the new ship back to Markurrn island […]

  • Session 43: Basheer, Breaker, and Wilemb

    Early in the morning, as the party debated their next move, Val came to find them with big news. Thanks to Basheer’s training, she had succeeded in making contact briefly with her long-lost twin brother Vic. Val explained that when her parents had died mysteriously, she had been sent to live with her uncle Callum […]

  • Session 42: History of Thrane

    After escaping their pursuers, the party regrouped and returned to King’s Beach to leave Korth again. However, their adventures in the city had taken long enough that the tide had risen up to the ceiling of the small tunnel which led back out. Under instruction from the others, Zila was able to flip over their […]