An Unfinished War

The Sahren Campaign, a tale of the group known as Dungeons and Dogs

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

Recent Adventures!

Session 9: A fancy party

The party spent most of a day preparing for the party at the Jossa mansion. Mitsy was able to acquire fancy dress clothes for herself, Zila, Val, and Jade (much to the latter’s frustration as she was forced to leave her weapons and armor behind). Katniss’s scouting had revealed that the noble house employed decoratedContinue reading “Session 9: A fancy party”

Session 6: Trouble on the Train

The party awoke at the Transportation Guild encampment just as a storm rolled overhead, adding extra haste to the crews working to load the train for its return journey to Sharn. With rain cascading down, the party dodged workers loading crates and damaged digging machinery into the Lightning Rail cars. They got breakfast from VerityContinue reading “Session 6: Trouble on the Train”


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